Jerome's stylists constantly refine their skills through further education. Our team of 40 collaborate by sharing knowledge gained from Bumble & Bumble in NY and Vidal Sassoon in California and London England; assuring you of the best and newest looks available.

Our team of apprentices, fresh from hair schools, are trained in-house thru a weekly rigorous education program. After two years of this training they graduate to be superb hairdressers on our floor. The quality of our work from junior to senior stylists will exceed your highest expectations.

Stylists and clients have a unique sense of style that suits not only their apperance but their personality; we therfore encourage you to try any member of the team.

Jerome opened in Calgary in 1979. In 2010 housebrand's owner & architect, John Brown designed and built our new 16,000 sq.ft location, which features indoor parking, reception, spa and cafe bathed in an abundance of natural light
Please come and pamper yourself.